Puregene provides you with increased crop yield and quality, resulting in higher revenue.

Puregene breeds the highest quality cannabis, guaranteeing maximum yield and a secure harvest. We provide you with a competitive advantage, ensuring your crop investment is based on extensive reliable data. Furthermore we provide a secure development pipeline of high value novel cannabinoids, fully compliant with local as well as international regulations. As a pioneer, we are redefining cannabis cultivation with our state-of-the-art and elite breeding program.


Puregene genetics increases your yield resulting in larger revenue.


Our holistic development pipeline of novel cannabinoids and varieties guarantee a high value product.


Due to greater resistance to pests and diseases your production will be secured.


Our varieties are tailored according to your needs and in compliance with your regulations.


High Swiss standards, field and market tested.

What we offer

Swiss quality and cannabis expertise with state of the art breeding technologies.

Clean Seeds and Clones

Clean Seeds and Clones

Our ever improving varieties are consistently checked via our proprietary clean stock protocols, eliminating potential diseases and providing full production potential.

Trait Licensing

Trait Licensing

Puregene’s scientists are dedicated to developing traits that matter – Non-flower pollination, disease resistance, Optimizing plant architecture for agricultural production. Our traits can be licensed, taking your varieties to the next level.

Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Puregene’s innovative variety development and trait discovery programs create new genetics for extraction, flower, and pharma markets. From outdoor cultivation for extraction, to controlled GMP indoor production environments for novel pharmaceuticals, Puregene has the solution.

Propagation Network

Propagation Network

Once a genetic is scientifically selected and meets Puregene`s high standards, it is then transferred into our propagation network for the production of seeds and clones. Our propagators are among the most established and trusted names in the industry.

Compliance and Regulation

Compliance and Regulation

We support our clients by working in close collaboration with local as well as federal laws and governments. Through our diligence and dedication to transparency, Puregene is the first company in the world to legally import cannabis into the United states.

Why Puregene?

Our state-of-the-art genomics, biochemistry and agronomy elite breeding program is strictly without any form of genome editing or CRISPR technologies.


Puregene has sequenced the world’s first fully phased super-Pangenome with its partners, NRGene and ETH-Zürich. The Pangenome is the deciphered DNA of many plants. It was the world’s largest endeavor in cannabis genomics. The DNA-blueprint of cannabis is not a mystery anymore.


All plant characteristics and traits, such as flavor, disease resistances, flower size, and yield, are controlled by its DNA. Puregene scientists are working tirelessly to discover where all these traits are located in the DNA of cannabis.

Puregene AG - THCV


Puregene AG - Sterility


Puregene AG - High Yield

High Yield

Puregene AG - Resistance


Our Varieties

Unique genetics and predictable characteristics, maximizing production potential and minimizing production risk.

Pure CBD

// Pure CBD

Available as clones, this haze variety contains many great production traits. It exhibits a refined aroma profile and a short flowering period.

Puregene AG - CBD Lite

// Pure CBD lite

Available as seeds, this variety yields magnificient flowers and produces high amounts of THC compliant biomass.

Pure CBG

// Pure CBG

Available as clones and seeds, our award-winning plant “Pure CBG” only produces CBG in its flowers, making extraction of Pure CBG easy.

// Pure Varins

Cannabinoid varins, those comprising of a C3 rather than a C5 side chain, are prized by both the retail and pharmaceutical industries.

// Tailored Varieties

Puregene creates tailored varieties to order upon request. Leveraging both our breeding chassis system as well as our genomic and marker database.

Investing into the future of cannabis.

Puregene was the result of a joint academic project based on molecular breeding between Pure Holding AG and the ETH-Zürich, Europe‘s highest ranking research university.