Pure CBG

Available as clones and seeds // High CBG // Mono-chemotype // Extraction and flower production // Essentially THC and CBD free

Available as clones and seeds, our award-winning plant “Pure CBG” only produces CBG in its flowers, making extraction of Pure CBG easy. Pure CBG has been bred to be highly productive, highly branched and have high resin flowers. It produces around 800-1000 kg of trimmed flowers per hectare (800-1000 lbs per acre) and 3000-4000 kg of biomass per hectare (3000-4000 lbs per acre). Large plants easily exceed 3 pounds of flowers each. The variety never runs hot with its ultra-low total THC content (less than 0.1%). It’s high CBG content at around 8%  makes extraction of this prized cannabinoid easily accessible. The terpene profile gives Pure CBG a nice mellow earthy flavor with notes of citrus and fruit. The indoor flower duration is 7.5 to 8.5 weeks. Pure CBG is mid-to-late flowering, and the target harvest is late-September to early-October.

Pure CBG Advantages

High CBG content means extraction is now financially viable

The only profitable source of CBG. Compared to current CBG varieties, such as Santhica 27, Pure CBG’s high content of 6% in its flower, makes extraction available at low cost.

Larger and dense flowers mean more meaningful biomass per acre

Compared to current CBG varieties, which have small airy flowers with low biomass, our high resin type plant produces dense large flowers. Moreover, Pure CBG produces higher numbers of flowers than existing CBG varieties.

Feminized genetics means no males and no seeded flowers

Our proprietary seed feminization process ensures that over 99.9% of the seeds are feminized and essentially no males are present in the field. Therefore, the valuable CBG flower biomass will not be contaminated with seeds.

High quality flowers provide versatility at time of sale

Because Pure CBG produces high quality flowers, it is versatile enough for value added products like tobacco substitutes, even from outdoor cultivation.

Sturdy plants with high branching are optimal for outdoor production

The fully branched structure increases the number of flowers and supports the larger ones, even during rough weather. The plants do not lodge or break off easily. This trait maximizes CBG flower biomass per acre and facilitates harvest.

Excellent rooting performance

Pure CBG has been bred to root fast and efficient. Using Pure CBG guarantees fast rooting and low loss rates during cloning.

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