Pure Varins

Cannabinoid varins, those comprising of a C3 rather than a C5 side chain, are prized by both the retail and pharmaceutical industries, due to their unique interactions in the human body and effects. CBGV, CBDV, and THCV are all included in this group and have, to date, received varied amount of attention from pharmacologists. This is mainly due to their unavailability. Studies which have been performed suggest roles as appetite suppressant, blood sugar level regulator, preventing insulin resistance, reduction of panic attacks (without suppressing emotions) as well as stimulators of bone growth, anti-convulsants and more. These compounds could be deployed as over-the-counter medicines for weight loss or as part of treatment regimens for Alzheimer, Diabetes and osteoporosis.


Puregene will be making a series of announcements, regarding varieties able to produce these high value compounds. Clients interested in such varieties may contact us directly.