Clean Seeds and Clones

Puregene AG continuously innovates, ensuring that new traits and solutions are constantly supplied to the cannabis industry. Innovation means that Puregene’s current varieties are continually and annually improved. Resulting in better cannabinoid yield, harvest-time, andpathogen resistances. For the 2020 grow season Puregene’s team of experts have selected three of its varieties to meet the needs of producers. Although many varieties exist in our portfolio, we have selected the best all-around performer from our varieties pool.


To eliminate potential diseases that can severely limit production, each of our plants goes through our proprietary clean stock protocols. This process includes in vitro tissue culture, as well as virus detection. Puregene applies stringent sterilization and quarantine protocols to minimize the possibility of pathogen transfer. This step is taken for every elite variety, which is selected for production. Before a plant becomes a mother plant, it is placed into a sterile tissue culture. Therefore, all plant material starts free from both bacterial and fungal pathogens. Puregene screens for all known cannabis viruses using molecular marker-based tests.