Industry Solutions

Puregene creates new genetics for extraction-, flower-, and pharma markets. May we introduce our “Variety Development” and “Trait Discovery” programs. Puregene has customized industry solutions for any circumstance. From an open field, to controlled GACP indoor production environments, our scientists have the means to provide you with what you need.


To satisfy the different segments of the cannabis varieties market, our strategy aims at breeding three cannabis types. These are called “chassis systems”. Each chassis is defined by a set of standard traits, which are essential to its utility. The following chassis are available:


Extraction chassis: This framework was designed for producers. Its main characteristic is “high production”, providing producers with the competitive edge they need in the fast-paced extraction market. It is ideal for maximizing outdoor production in a wide range of environments, and bred for rapid growth and high yields of cannabinoids per unit area. Moreover, the varieties produced in this chassis contain traits for sterility, controlled flowering time, and multiple resistance.


Flower chassis: This framework contains a series of traits that focus on producing the “highest quality” flowers. All varieties derived from this chassis have visually beautiful flowers, diverse cannabinoid- as well as aroma profile potentials. Furthermore, they are easy to harvest and produce large amounts of resin. The varieties are sterile and exhibit good resistances. This chassis can be tailored to meet any choice of flavor, aroma, and effect profile.


Pharma chassis: This framework has all the pharmacologically active constituents and maximizes diverse sets of metabolite profiles. It was designed for metabolite diversity. New chemotypes can be rapidly tailored and selected for this framework. It provides good resin production and meets the demands on cannabis-based pharmacological studies.