Trait Licensing

Puregene’s scientists are dedicated to developing traits that matter, like disease resistance or re-definition of plant architecture. Any breeder in the industry can license traits through Puregene, enabling him/her to take his/her varieties to the next level.


Puregene can incorporate any of its traits into a producers’ preferred variety. This is available in one of our elite chassis varieties. All traits of interest can be discussed with our scientists. Our current highlight traits for licensing are the following:


Sterility – Many current industrial hemp varieties are imperfectly feminized or are monecious. This means that pollen will be produced, and female flower fertilization will occur. The produced seeds have a significant impact on the production of cannabinoids, resulting in drastically reduced yields. This trait prevents the production of seeds and thus maintains high cannabinoid yields. As the hemp industry expands, this trait will be critical for outdoor cannabis production, irrespective of whether a neighboring farm may be producing pollen.


THC-free – A challenge in the current market is the production of THC in CBD varieties. This is currently managed through early harvesting of cannabis crops preventing THC concentration to increase beyond the legal limits, but at the same time reducing CBD production. Eliminating the production of THC allows for increased CBD productivity. This ensures that producers are protected from the legal ramifications of their varieties. In addition, this trait significantly simplifies the downstream extraction of any cannabinoids our plants are designed to produce.