Genomic Innovation

The DNA controls all cannabis characteristics or traits, such as flavor, disease resistances, flower size, and yield. The genome is the entire DNA of a plant. Every plant variety has a unique genome. Puregene’s goal is to remove the mystery and guesswork behind cannabis breeding. Our extensive knowledge of the cannabis DNA is the foundation of what we do.


In close collaboration with NRGene and the ETH Zurich, Puregene has sequenced the world’s first cannabis Super Pan-genome. The Pan-genome is the deciphered DNA of many plants. It is the world’s largest endeavor in cannabis genomics. Puregene has the DNA-blueprint of cannabis. We solved the mystery.


Knowledge is the key to progress. For this reason, Puregene has invested heavily to sequence the cannabis Super-Pan-Genome, gaining distinctive knowledge about cannabis and its DNA. This was one of the most ambitious genomic projects of any crop species. This advanced genomic knowledge guides our trait discovery and variety development pipelines. Puregene breeds progress.
The high demand for variety in cannabis products (e.g. flavors, cannabinoids) has led to cannabis being one of the most genetically diverse cultivated crop species.


Our “Pure Genomics” technology uncovers the vast genetic diversity of cannabis in the highest possible detail that modern genomics technology allows. The combination of “Pure Genomics” with our “Pure Core Genetics” collection provides the detail required for understanding the genetic architecture of cannabis’ complex traits.