Production Performance

We understand how important it is, to know what to expect and that the required yields are achieved, while staying compliant. For this reason our agronomists track yield and characteristics of each variety during extensive field and market testing in Switzerland. This data is then compiled into a detailed documentation for your reference on how our varieties perform under any circumstance. These extensive production facts about our varieties bridge the knowledge gap required for a successful harvest.


Unlike other agricultural crop species, which have been bred for optimized industrial production, the current state of cannabis breeding and improvement still supplies an incredible amount of diversity in plant morphology that limits its production potential. Moreover, the number of unique valuable traits in cannabis is much more diverse than traditional row or glasshouse crops, such as flower appearance, aroma, and cannabinoid content. As a producer variety choice is the most important decision you’ll make toward a good return on investment. There is a myriad of varieties available in the marketplace, but with the current state of the cannabis industry it`s difficult to know what you’re going to get with the lack of reliable data, and varieties that have not been adequately tested.